We are a passionate team of investors, bankers, consultants and data scientists, working to bring efficiency and transparency to the fast-growing private markets. The ZPX leadership team has considerable global experience at the cutting edge of venture investing, technology, analytics and advisory.

  • Ramani Ramachandran

    CEO and Co-Founder

  • Aditya Mishra

    COO and Co-Founder

  • Gangadhar Sulkunte

    Head of Product

  • Deepak Natraj

    Strategy and Risk Management

  • Rohit Alluri

    Head of Research

Our Advisors

Our global advisory board is composed of highly accomplished investors and operators with deep networks in SEA, China, India and SV.

  • Gokul Rajaram

    Head of Engg. Square

  • David Gowdey

    Jungle Ventures

  • Gautam Seshadri


  • Savneet Singh

    Co-founder, Gold Bullion International

  • Balaji Srinivasan

    Co-founder Counsyl

  • Rajeev Mehrotra

    CEO, Alpha Alternative Advisors

  • Dr. Srikanth Sundararajan

    Helion, Ventureast

  • Nithin Kamath

    Founder & CEO, Zerodha

  • Girish Mathrubootham

    Founder & CEO, FreshDesk

  • Anand Lunia

    Founder, India Quotient

  • Dheeraj Jain

    Managing Partner, Redcliffe Capital

  • Vivek Subramaniam

    Cofounder & CEO, Fintellix

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