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Provider of an e-commerce marketplace. The company offers a diverse selection of merchandise including baby product ...

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Provider of a mobile application that connects riders and transportation providers. The company offers an online pl ...

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Provider of an online ride-hailing platform that offers booking services for taxis, private cars and motorbikes. Th ...

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Manufacturer of drones. The company manufactures unmanned aerial drones which are used in film making, agriculture, ...

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Operator of an online property rental marketplace for short-term travel stays. The company's platform enables users ...

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Provider of an online payment platform. The company provides a suite of application program interfaces (APIs) to en ...

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Developer of a real time messaging, archiving and search tool. The company provides a collaboration platform that l ...

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Provider of online music-streaming services. The company offers on-demand access to various music tracks worldwide ...

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Didi Chuxing

Provider of a mobile taxi-booking application. The company operates a mobile ride-sharing network that enables user ...

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Developer of software application for integrating, visualizing and analyzing information. The company builds a soft ...

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Provider of an on-demand ride-sharing platform. The company provides an online marketplace that connects community ...

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Operator of a digital gaming platform. The company develops and publishes games related to card and poker for the m ...

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